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Study in Denmark

Students across the globe are yet to explore and discover the study culture in Denmark. Denmark has constantly been rated as one of the most jovial countries in the world. The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen has been steadily climbing up the education charts and is known for its outstanding study programs all around the world. An innovation driven environment along with cordial feelings for everyone drives the students to study in this magnificent country. The perfect blend of excellent collaborative and modern technical skills ensures an all-round development of the student.

Denmark boasts of some amazing education facilities that cater to the needs of several international students. Every year, more than three lakh International students enroll themselves in various universities in Denmark to pursue higher education. Danish higher education perfectly combines the classical application of knowledge along with new ideas and vision to achieve academic excellence. The country offers a wide range of programs to all the international students in several disciplines, including engineering, social sciences, arts, management, humanities etc.

An innovative learning environment with the latest use of technical skills fosters a dynamic study culture that develops strong problem solving skills. The teaching in Denmark is purely project based which involves practical implementation of knowledge. Online seminars and projects build a strong foundation within a student, helping him to express himself. The cutting edge technology and learning provide numerous opportunities to the international student folks. The cordial teaching environment enables the students and teachers to have a healthy discussion and debate during lectures and classes.

With a wide variety of courses being offered in virtually every discipline, an international student can choose from more than 550 degree programs and 1500 courses, all taught completely in English. For an International student, life is nothing short of amazing in Denmark. The country offers to its students, several industrial programs, fellowship opportunities and various other notable courses recognized all across the globe. The government of Denmark provides quality assurance and a strong support to all its students studying in the several universities. The country even provides its international students credit earning internships, scholarships to all the meritorious students and financial support to the extremely talented students.

The international students willing to pursue their education in Denmark need to qualify an examination which is similar to the Danish entrance examinations. The government of Denmark has offered a national admission website, using which, the students can apply to the various universities in Denmark.

Students are usually required to fill up the application form an year before their admission to any university. The website is usually functional in the month of February and the students can fill in their choices and course of study till the end of March. The information regarding the various courses and study programs are easily available on the website. The website also lists all the scholarships that a student can avail based on his academic merit and his excellence in extracurricular activities. The Danish way of teaching provides the students with the ability and the vision to the tackle real life problems with a cognitive approach.