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Student Visa

A student visa is a special approval that is appended with a passport that allows students to study at various educational institutions across the world. A student visa is a non-immigrant visa and does not require the individual to obtain citizenship. If a student is planning to study outside his or her country, he or she must apply for a student visa. Student visa is of non-permanent nature and is issued to the students for a particular period of time.

The visa is granted to the applicants for the specified duration of course. The student visa is accorded to only those with a genuine intention to study abroad. It is optimal to apply 120 days in advance. The candidate must apply online for the visa, pay the prescribed visa fees and then schedule an interview. Students are required to renew their visas if it is on the verge of expiration. They must come back to the country and renew their visas at the embassy.

The application process for the student visa is country specific and varies accordingly. Normally, a student applying for a visa must ensure the following:

Eminence Guidance

Every student seeks better opportunities in his/her life. The decision to move overseas to pursue higher studies for career growth and enhancement can be extremely critical. However, in a number of cases, amongst the numerous choices available to the students, they end up taking up the wrong course without proper guidance.

A wrong decision at this stage would not only spoil the money the candidate has invested, but it would also dent his or her career. Some unworthy institutions lure the students with their sprawling figures which are mostly false. The prime snag of such colleges and institutes would be unprofessional guidance.

Eminence Immigration is a rapidly growing company run by smart and lively professionals. The organization is committed towards providing authentic information about several foreign universities to the interested students. We counsel the students for their future growth and provide an impartial and genuine help for higher education. The company follows a strict core principle to let the students make their individual choices themselves rather than bowing down to the external pressure.

Eminence Immigration is a multifaceted company and providing an all-round development to the candidate. The company offers integrated services to the students who want to apply for the foreign universities. The company ensures that the university is authentic and follows the required guidelines. Eminence does not provide admission to the universities but delivers other packages and significant services. The company offers various services such as visa pre-registration, migrations services, application forms etc. However, Eminence is not liable for any unusual activity a student is involved with in the foreign land.