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Migrate to Quebec

Quebec is a Canadian province with French as its official language! Apart from this interesting piece of trivia, Quebec has a lot more to offer to its residents and migrants. The largest province of Canada by area, Quebec is well known for its abundant natural resources, its booming knowledge economy, its fast emerging biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and much more. Such a vast industrial settlement makes Quebec one of the largest contributors towards the economy of Canada. The locals are extremely particular about their language which is highlighted in the strict language laws in the country. Most sign and advertisement boards in the province are in French. There are also laws to determine if the parents would send their kids to the French school or an English school! Close to 80% population in the province has French as its mother tongue. If you wish to have the famous Canadian maple syrup, Quebec is the place to be. Quebec is the world’s largest producer of the famous Canadian maple syrup.

As mentioned earlier, French language dominates the day to day communication in Quebec. Hence the migrants would be advised to learn French in order to live in Quebec. Getting used to the cold of Quebec may take some time, but it is only once you get used to the cold waves would you be able to enjoy most of the outdoor activities of Quebec such as ice fishing and snowshoeing. The province is home to a number of well renowned tourists’ attractions which ensure that the migrants have a gala time in Quebec. More than 62,000 migrants were accepted by Quebec in the decade ending 2010. Such numbers highlight the liberal migrant intake laws in the Quebec province.

Regarding the visa applications to Quebec, the final jurisdiction lies with the Government of Canada. Some of the visa options include a skilled worker visa, students’ visa, permanent residence visa and others. To get a skilled worker visa for Quebec, the criteria is much different than at other places in Canada. The applicants who successfully pass the Quebec Immigration selection system will get a Quebec selection certificate, on the basis of which, they can apply for a permanent visa for Canada. The visa system runs on points and to obtain a Quebec Selection Certificate, the application needs to score the minimum points as fixed. The point system works on the following lines –



Points it carries


Language proficiency

Up to 22 points



Up to 14 points



Up to 16 points


Area of training

Up to 16 points


Work Experience

Up to 8 points



Up to 8 points


Spouse/Common-law partner Characteristics

Up to 17 points


Stay and family in Quebec

Up to 8 points


Validated employment offer

Up to 10 points


Financial Self-Sufficiency

Carries 1 point


Apart from the citizens of USA, or all the Danish citizens who live in Greenland or the French citizens who live in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, all the applicants for a student visa would need to apply via the Canadian visa office.