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Migrate to Australia

Australia is synonymous to many things. From some of the most pristine beaches and coral reefs in the world to one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, there are innumerable things that add to Australia’s glory. Australia is a country for anyone who is desirous of a successful, comfortable and prosperous life. Apart from being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Australia also boasts of the second highest human development index in the world. Australia is a constitutional monarchy divided into six states and two major mainland territories. The country is also home to some of the most exotic wildlife species in the world, thus ensuring that there is no dearth of tourists’ attractions.

One out of every four Australians wasn’t born in Australia! This speaks volumes about the highly welcoming nature of the country. Living in Australia is an experience to behold. Many statistics highlight that Australia has always been one of the top destinations for skilled professionals looking for a new country. More than 30,000 people enter Australia as migrants each year. Many reasons contribute to Australia being the most preferred destination among the migrants. Some of them include a long list of visa categories, employer nomination schemes, high standard of living and a large number of opportunities. Due to a large migrant population, Australia is often referred to as the melting point of different cultures and civilizations. Since the migrant population has helped Australia maintain its robust growth rate, the migrants are accepted as a value addition to the society. A large foreign population is what makes Australia what it is today. In the 2011 census, it was noted that close to half of the Australians were born outside the country or at least one of their parents was born overseas.

If you are a Permanent resident visa holder, you have the right to remain in Australia for as long as you wish. The migrants, upon fulfilling the requirements for Australian residency, can turn into Australian citizens. Australia offers multiple methods to migrate to the country, viz. employment, through family or on a humanitarian basis. The validity of the migrant visa is always in the multiple of five years. As a permanent residence of Australia, you are entitled to various rights such as the right to public education, right to work in Australia, right to travel between New Zealand and Australia sans any visa, right to apply for citizenship and the right to pose as a sponsor to your relatives who wish to migrate to Australia. The country also offers various student visas based on the nature and duration of the course. For instance, the higher education sector visa permits you to stay in the country for the entire duration of your higher education course. You would be eligible for such a visa if you have enrolled in a registered course, at the end of which you would receive a bachelor degree or a graduate degree or a related degree or diploma. There are also provisions for school education visas and visiting visas meant for a short duration.