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Job Seeker Visa South Africa

If you are planning to shift to South Africa and reside in the country, one of the first things you must know is that entering into South Africa without a job offer in hand isn’t permissible according to the country’s rules. This makes the South African job market a bit difficult to penetrate for the outsiders. But according to the past record, it can be concluded that people with relevant experience and proven skill set don’t have a difficulty in landing a job in the country. The employers, on their part, must prove that they aren’t finding any eligible South African citizens for the job before they extend the job offer to the foreigners. To ensure that the country doesn’t miss out on talented professionals coming from foreign lands, the Government has come up with Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa (ASGI-SA). Under this plan, professional workers carrying the required formal qualifications and a minimum of five years of work experience are recruited to work in South Africa. Under this program, close to 35,000 positions are put forward to be filled each year.

South Africa offers multiple types of temporary residence permits for those who are looking to work in the country. The kinds of work permits issued include General work permit, Quota work permit, Exceptional skills work permit and intra company transfer work permit. The government has decided to offer a pre-determined number of work permits to skilled individuals to fill in the gaps in country’s technical and artistic skills. These visas come under the quota work permit. The foreigners holding general qualifications are given the general work permit. If there is a highly skilled individual who wishes to work in South Africa, he or she will be given the exceptional skills work permit. The intra company transfer work permit is given to those individuals who have been transferred to South Africa by their company to its South African branch.

To obtain the work visa in the country, the individual must hold qualifications and experience that are in line with the job offered. The salary offered to the individuals who are willing to work in South Africa must not be lower than the salary offered to South African citizens occupying the same position. It must also be noted that the quota work permit expires after nine months from the date of issuance. Thereafter, the individual must again submit the required documents with the concerned authorities to obtain the required documents to extend his stay in the country.

Getting a South African work visa would open you up to one of the most robust economies in the African continent. Once you get past the complex process of work visa, your chances of making it big in South Africa increase many folds. After Nigeria, South Africa boasts of the largest economy in the continent. A mixed economy in the country gives the professionals of all the fields a chance to make it big in the country.