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Job Seeker Visa Germany

If there is one European country that has defied all the odds in the hard economic times and emerged as the leader of the continent, it is Germany. Apart from the well known automobile industry, several new industries have come up in the country in the past few decades that have added to the robust growth of the country. There are a number of roadblocks that foreign professional face while looking for a job in Germany. In most of the cases, the jobs are offered to foreign nationals only if a suitable candidate for the job isn’t available among the German citizens. For the low skilled or the unskilled workers, the German markets are relatively harder to penetrate. But University graduates carrying relevant work experience can hope to find a suitable job in the country. One of the most important steps before searching for a job in Germany is to find out the German equivalent of your professional degree. If you aren’t sure what your degree is called in Germany, it may significantly hurt your chances of getting a good job.

While citizens of the USA, European Union, Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand and Switzerland are free to apply for a work visa after entering Germany without a visa, the citizens of other countries need to get a work visa before entering Germany. Post the evaluation of your application, you would be issued a residence permit in the form of visa. This document would carry an authorization for you to work in the country. German authorities offer three different residence permits, viz. General employment, Specialist professional and self employed. To get a self employed residence visa, you would need to present your business plan to the German authorities and convince them of its viability. Specialist professional residence permits are reserved for professionals with special professional knowledge and experience which Germany considers as an add-on to its economy. University teachers boasting of an outstanding career profile are also considered for this type of residence permit.

The eligibility for different residence permits differ widely. The only two requirements for obtaining the general employment residence permit are adequate vocational qualification and a final contract of employment in Germany. If you are an experienced manager looking to apply for the specialist professional residence permit, you must have an annual salary of more than 86,400 Euros. If you are vying for the self employed residence permit, you must present sufficient proofs of the investment required for your business. According to the official rule, if the investment of your business is at least 1 million Euros, while creating more than 10 jobs in Germany, you would be considered for this category of residence permit.

Once you obtain a residence permit in Germany, your immediate family members would be automatically eligible to take up any employment in the country. You are also free to invite your children into Germany to stay with you. Though for children above 16, some specific rules must be followed.