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After settling in a new country (or even prior to it), one of the first things on anyone’s mind is to get a good job. But if you are worried about it, here is some good news for you – the hardest part was over as soon as you got the required permits to reside in the country. Austria economy’s is in a relatively better state than rest of the Europe, which means that getting a good job, if you possess the required experience and qualification, won’t be difficult. The labor markets in Austria are extremely robust and well settled. Austria’s capital, Vienna, is home to some of the leading finance and consulting companies in the world, which opens up a world of opportunities to the professionals in these sectors. One of the major barriers of getting into the job market would be the knowledge of the local language. Knowledge of the local language would go a long way in helping you land a job in Austria.

Austria offers 3 kinds of work permits, viz. restricted work permit, work permit and unrestricted work permit. Most of the factors that determine the kind of permit you get are out of your reach. The restricted work permit is only applicable for a specific job under a specific employer at a specific location. If there is a change in your job or even the location, you would need to apply for a new work permit. After working for a year under the restricted work permit, you can either renew it or apply for the real work permit which would allow you to switch employers as long as you work within a specific district. This real work permit is renewable after a couple of years. The unrestricted work visa can only be obtained if you have worked in the country legally for at least 5 years. To sum it up, you would first need to get a restricted work permit. After a gap of couple of years, you can apply for a real work permit. And after a five year wait post that, you would be eligible to get an unrestricted work permit.

If you belong to the non-EU nations and are looking for a job in Austria, you can apply for a 6 months job seeker permit. This permit only allows you to work. To be considered as employed, you would still need to apply for a work permit. Like in many other countries, the visa system works on a point’s basis. You would need to earn a specific number of points to be eligible for the work permit in Austria. All the applications for the work permit need to be accompanied with their English or German translation.

Once you manage to get your work visa, the entire Austrian market is open for you. As mentioned earlier, Austria is a hub of global financial and consulting firms. An unrestricted work visa for the country gives you a chance to explore your potential and make it big in one of the most livable European nations.