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Business Visa

Canada Federal Business Immigration

Business Immigration Program plays a paramount role in enticing entrepreneurs, business persons, investors, multi-national companies to come to Canada to stimulate economic growth and development. The potential investors and self-employed entities of different nationalities with unparalleled trade acumen and business skills are lured in cooperative business ventures. The Canadian Business Immigration Program would boost job markets and create client specific opportunities to develop foreign trade and commerce. The Canadian government welcomes individuals with diverse entrepreneurial skills and those familiar and accustomed with other foreign markets.

Under the Canada Business Immigration Program, the individuals with vast administrative experience can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa. Several pioneers of business and trade are granted the status of permanent residents by the Canadian government. Applicants can apply for the Permanent Resident Visa under the following three sub-categories:


Experienced business professionals are attracted to Canada to generate employment by establishing new business. The Immigrant Investor Program plays a vital role in luring trade intellectuals with capital, business intelligence and rock solid managerial skills.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has put a transitory moratorium on the Immigrant Investor Program effective from July 1, 2012. According to CIC, individuals who have applied under this scheme should hold on to their applications and reapply once the revamped and new rules come into force. The overhauling of the entire program commits to ensure in increase in the number of investors. The Immigration Department of Canada is also analyzing and consulting to roll out a new investor program for a short while in the coming months. The program is expected to seek far greater investments which would boost the economy of Canada is the near future.


Effective from 1st July, 2011 a temporary pause has been issued on the Federal Entrepreneur applications by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The program is expected to undergo significant changes and review in the upcoming months to improve the waiting time of the program.

Business executives and professionals are attracted to Canada to establish a new business venture contributing to the country's economy and employment. Inclusive of the spousal assets, they must have a lawfully acquired net worth of Canadian $300,000. The dependents of the entrepreneurs are subjected to numerous social benefits granted by the government. After landing in the country, they are carefully monitored by the authorities of CIC. The Federal Entrepreneur program helps the budding entrepreneurs to establish their business globally.

USA L-1A Visa

The L1A category of visa is primarily for management and executive positions. It is an intra-company transfer visa that lures multi-national organizations, small and medium sized corporations based outside India, to establish their business in the United States. Under this visa category, several companies nominate and transfer their senior managers, company directors, business consultants, executives to manage the operations from US. The organizations themselves help their employees to apply for the L-1 category of visa. In most of the cases, the accompanying spouse and dependent children below 21 years of age are granted visa under this category. For those who have future plans to stay in the United States and apply for green card, this is an excellent option. They can later apply under the EB-1C category.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) initially grant L-1Avisa for a time period of 1 year. It can be duly revived two times, 3 years at a given time, combining to a total of 7 years. The USCIS reviews the business model and the financial projections of the business firm.

The L1-A visa recipient must strictly follow his or her job duties. The managers and executives are needed to offer a business opening within one year of the commencement of business in the country. The matters of contention that needs to be considered thoroughly during the business operations are return over investment, the physical infrastructure, required personnel and specialists, utilities and services offered to the clients.

The manager or executive has the sole responsibility to operate the business during the initial phases. He needs to be enthusiastic and optimistic to deal with every day business operations. He should have prior knowledge to employ people specializing in different domains according to the requirements of the enterprise. Frequent assessments, contingency plans and future operations should be given prime importance. Besides, the feasibility of overseas functioning, the executives and managers are also entrusted with the job to reap rich dividends for the company.

Global companies having their branches throughout the world use this category of visa to send their managers and employees to the United States to manage the affairs of the company branch for US business interests. The organizations that seek to establish their business in the US and manage operations of their subsidiary offices, apply for the L-1A visa.

Important Definitions


A manager is a person who is a migrant worker and has a vital role of supervising the firm, branch or subdivision. He is entrusted with the proper functioning of the company and has the authority to employ workers and manage organizational affairs. The manager also has the power to fire, manage and control any employee. A proper discretion over the company operations is associated with the manager. The regulation, however, does not hold for the first line supervisors and employees involved with the fabrication of goods and services.

The generic promulgation is that a manager should supervise other managers and administrative level workers. A manager can direct employees with expertise in several domains to foresee the working of the organization. Senior managers possess extra authorities and can take vital decisions regarding the company. A functional manager is a person who is a senior employee with many years of experience inside the firm. He has the jurisdiction to supervise an indispensable task.


Executive capacity altogether specifies the employee's potential to take several decisions of wide latitude without much delinquency. He is an integral part of the organization and frames the policies and goals for effective functioning. The executive is primarily involved with the direction of the management of the company and exercises his power in discretionary decision making. Normally, executives do not have subordinate staff except for personal staff.

An executive is responsible of managing a function within an organization but it is not necessarily to be accomplished by the executive. However, if the operations or functions are performed by the executive, then the position is considered as an executive but as a specialist or staff officer.

USA L-1B visa

IT companies and others who desire to get professionals and expert staffs from overseas offices are granted the L-1B visa to accomplish and carry out specialized tasks in the US offices. The USA L-1B visa is primarily meant for specialized knowledge professionals and dexterous workforce. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have laid down certain guidelines which attribute and govern the individuals falling under this category. A person is consider as a specialized knowledge professional if he or she is associated with a research program or has a vast and expert knowledge regarding the company's manufacturing process and other business operations. Chefs and cooks who may have special knowledge about certain recipes are not considered to possess specialized knowledge as prescribed by the USCIS. To be considered as a specialized knowledge professional, the employee must be aware of his employer's interest and possess extraordinary skills. To apply for the L-1B visa, the alien's knowledge should be differentiated by unique qualifications. The alien's specialized knowledge should be additional to the elementary and basic knowledge of the company's operations.

Specialized knowledge actually means exceptional and significant knowledge possessed by an individual that aids in the research and developmental operations. These professionals are attributed with advanced level of knowledge and prowess that help in the proper functioning of the company. Such knowledge can only be gained through years of practice and experience. The prior acquaintance with the methodologies used and proprietary software exclusive to the company fall under domain of specialized knowledge. People in this category get the L-1B visa. Initially, the petition can be authorized for 3 years (a new office petition for 1 year). This can be renewed once every 2 years for a total of 5 years.

The USCIS has duly identified certain guidelines and requirements to associate an individual with this category of visa. The L-1B recipient is required to possess the following: